Dienstwaffen der kanadischen Streitkräfte und Commonwealth


Am Ende der Auflistung, finden sie weitere Waffen, die bei Nachforschungen zusätzlich in historischen Dokumenten gelistet worden sind.


Eine Auflistung in internationaler verständlicher Sprache. Die Liste ist ständig in Bearbeitung und wird immer aktualisiert.

Following text and informations are in international language.

Colonial Era to Confederation (1604 – 1867)

Black powder rifles, carbines and pistols

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Charleville 1717Flintlock1717-1840 Kingdom of France 
Charleville 1728Flintlock1728-1840 Kingdom of France 
Charleville 1746Flintlock1746-1840 Kingdom of France 
Fusil de Grenadier TulleFlintlock1690-???? Kingdom of France 
Fusil de chasse TulleFlintlock1700s Kingdom of France 
Queen Anne MusketFlintlock1702-1840 British Empire 
William III CarbineFlintlock1700s British Empire 
Nock CarbineFlintlock1780-1790s British Empire 
Elliot CarbineFlintlock1770s British Empire 
Brown Bess Long Land, Short Land, India PatternsFlintlock1722 British Empire 
Baker rifleFlintlock1801-1837 British Empire 
Lovells Pattern 1838 musket and Double Barrel CarbineCaplock1883 British Empire 
Pattern 1842 MusketCaplock1842-1853 British Empire 
Pattern 1851 RifleCaplock1851 British Empire 
Pattern 1853 EnfieldCaplock1853 British Empire 
Lancaster RifleCaplock1855-1869 British Empire 
Brunswick rifleCaplock1840-???? British Empire 
Colt 1851 Navy RevolverCaplock Revolver1856-1885 [1] United States255 revolvers marked Lower Canada (LC), 556 marked Upper Canada (UC), Issued to Cavalry

Service rifles and carbines

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Starr carbineBreechloading1861-1860s United States 
Spencer rifle and carbineBreechloading repeater1860-1860s United States 
Westley Richards rifleBreechloading1812-1871 British Empire 
Peabody rifleBreechloading1860s-1871 United States 
Snider-EnfieldBreechloading1860s-1901 British EmpireCarbine version carried west by the N.W.M.P. in 1873

Confederation to First World War (1867 – 1914)

Service Pistols

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Colt Model 1878 FrontierRevolver1885-1902 United StatesDouble Action in .45 Long Colt with 7.5″ barrel, purchased initially for the Riel Rebellion [2] 
Colt “New Service” RevolverRevolver1900-1928 United StatesDouble Action in .45 Long Colt [3] or .455 Eley[4] (as marked on 5.5″ barrel), swing out cylinder for fast shell extraction and reloading. Also used by the RNWMP & RCMP from 1905 to 1954.

Service Rifles

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Martini–HenryBreech-Loading1871-1888 British Empire 
WinchesterRepeating rifle1873-1918 United States 
Martini–MetfordBreech-Loading1894-1902 British Empire 
Martini–EnfieldBreech-Loading1878-1902 British Empire 
Lee–MetfordBolt Action1895-1926 British Empire 
Lee–Enfield Mk.IBolt Action1896-1905 British Empire 
Ross Mk.I and Mk.IIStraight-pull1905-1915 Canada 

First World War to Second World War (1914 – 1939)

Service pistols

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Webley Mk IVRevolver1887-1928 British EmpireChambered in .455 Webley
Enfield No 2Revolver1932-1945 British Empire 
Colt New ServiceRevolver1900-1928 United StatesAlso used by the NWMP and RCMP from 1905 to 1954. Chambered in .455 Webley
Colt M1911Semi-automatic pistol1914-1945 United States 
Smith & Wesson Model 44Revolver1915-1951 United States

2nd model. First orders were rechambered from .44 Special to .455 Webley


ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Ross Mk.IIIStraight-pull1913-1916 CanadaWithdrawn from infantry service following poor performance in battlefield conditions. Replaced by the Lee–Enfield Mk.III.
Lee–Enfield (SMLE) Mk.IIIBolt Action1916-1943 British Empire 

Machine Guns

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Colt-Browning M1895Heavy machine gun1914-1916 United States 
Vickers Machine GunMedium machine gun1914-1919 British Empire 
Lewis Machine GunLight machine gun1916-1939 British Empire 

Armoured Fighting Vehicles

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Armoured AutocarArmoured Car1914-1918 United States
2 ton commercial Autocar truck chassis covered with armour plate and armed with 2 Vickers machine guns. 20 purchased (8 machine gun carrier, 5 ammunition and supply carrier, 4 Officer Transport, 1 gasoline carrier, 1 repair vehicle, 1 ambulance)
Mk.V tankTank1918 British EmpireUsed by the Canadian Tank Corps in 1918. Never used in combat.
Carden-Loyd tankette/MG CarrierTank1937, 1931 British Empire 
Vickers Light Dragon Mk III 1937 British Empire 
GM armoured carexperimental light armoured car1935 CanadaBuilt on General Motors of Canada Maple Leaf truck chassis
Ford armoured carexperimental light armoured car1935 CanadaBuilt on Ford Motor Company of Canada BB truckchassis
Triumph Model Hdispatch motorcycle1914-?? British Empire 

Second World War to Cold War (1939 – 1946)

Infantry Weapons

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Smith & Wesson “Military & Police Victory model”Revolver1939-1964 United States 
Inglis Hi-PowerSemi-automatic pistol1944–Present CanadaLicense-made Canadian version of the Browning Hi-Power
Thompson M1928-M1A1Submachine gun1940-1945 United States 
Sten MK.IISubmachine gun1942-1958 United Kingdom
Produced in Canada
Lee–Enfield SMLE Mk.IIIService rifle1916-1943 United Kingdom 
Lee–Enfield No.4 Mk.IService rifle1943-1955 CanadaUsed by Canadian Rangers until 2016, replaced by Colt C-19
M1 GarandService rifle1944-1953 Canada
 United States
A small number of M1, M1C and M1D rifles, enough to equip a brigade, were issued to the Canadian Army
Boys ATRAnti-tank rifle1937-1943 United Kingdom 
Bren LMGLight machine gun1939-1955 United Kingdom 
Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)Automatic rifle1933-1953 United States 
M1941 Johnson Machine GunLight machine gun1942-1944 United States1st Special Service Force (Devil’s Brigade) only
C5 GPMGGeneral purpose machine gun1939-1980s United StatesM1919 Browning
M2 HMGHeavy machine gun1940–Present United States 
Bangalore torpedoObstacle Clearing Charge1940–Present United Kingdom 
PIATAnti-tank weapon1943-1950s United Kingdom 
BazookaRocket launcher1942-1977 United StatesIn Reserve Force inventory as late as 1977
Flamethrower, Portable, No 2 “Ack-Pack”Flamethrower1943-1945 United Kingdom 

Utility Vehicles

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Willys JeepLight Utility Vehicle1941-1970s United States 
Morris C8Artillery tractor1940-1945 United Kingdom 
AEC MatadorArtillery tractor1940-1945 United Kingdom 
Diamond T 4-Ton lorry4 ton truckWWII United States 
Ford F-81/2 ton truckWWII CanadaBuilt by Ford Motor Company of Canada. Canadian Military Pattern truck
Ford F-153/4 ton truckWWII CanadaBuilt by Ford Motor Company of Canada.
Ford F-301.5 ton truckWWII CanadaBuilt by Ford Motor Company of Canada.
Ford F-60S, F-60L, F-60H, F-60T3 ton truckWWII CanadaBuilt by Ford Motor Company of Canada.
Ford FGTArtillery tractorWWII CanadaBuilt by Ford Motor Company of Canada.
Chevrolet C-8, C-8A1/2 ton truckWWII CanadaBuilt by General Motors Canada
Chevrolet C-15, C-15A3/4 ton truckWWII CanadaBuilt by General Motors Canada
Chevrolet C15TA Armoured TruckArmoured truckWWII CanadaBuilt by General Motors Canada
Chevrolet C-30, C-60S, C-60L, C-60X1.5/3 ton truckWWII CanadaBuilt by General Motors Canada
CMP FATArtillery tractor1940-???? CanadaBuilt by General Motors Canada
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle WLCmilitarize motorcycle1941-1956 United StatesSometimes used with sidecars
Norton Motorcycle WD16H / 16Hmilitarize motorcycle1940-?? United Kingdom 
Triumph Motorcycles TRWmotorcycle1940s-?? United Kingdom 
Matchless G3Lmotorcycle1940s United Kingdom 
Welbike lightweight motorcyclelightweight motorcycle1942-1945? United Kingdom 

Scout Vehicles

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Daimler DingoArmoured Car1940-1945 United Kingdom 
Daimler Mk. I Armoured CarArmoured Car1941-1945 United Kingdom 
Humber Mk. I Scout CarArmoured Car1942-1945 United Kingdom 
Humber Mk. IV Armoured CarArmoured Car1941-1945 United Kingdom 
Fox Armoured CarArmoured Car1939-1945 Canada 
M3 Scout CarArmoured Car1942-1945 United States 
Otter Light Reconnaissance CarArmoured Car1942-1945 CanadaBuilt by General Motors of Canada. Based on the C15
Staghound Armoured CarArmoured Car1942-1962 United States 
Lynx Scout CarArmoured Car1940-1968 United Kingdom
M5 Reconnaissance VehicleReconnaissance Vehicle1942-1945 United StatesA turretless variant of the M5 light tank

Armoured Carriers and Armoured Tractors

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Kangaroo 1943-1945 CanadaConverted Ram, Priest, and Sherman AFVs (See respective entries)
Loyd Carrier WWII United Kingdom 
Universal Carrier 1940-? United Kingdom 
Wasp WWII-? United KingdomUniversal Carrier with flame-thrower equipment
T-16 Carrier WWII-? United StatesUniversal carrier produced under license and modified in the United States.
Windsor Carrier 1944-1945 CanadaCanadian-built universal carrier with a lengthened body
M3A1 Half-track WWII United States 
M5 Half-track   United States 
M9 Half-track   United States 


Combat Tanks

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Stuart tankLight tank1941-1945 United States 
Churchill MkI-IVInfantry tank1941-1945 United Kingdom 
Sherman I, III, VMedium tank1941-1970 United StatesSherman I (M4), III (M4A2 w/75 mm gun) and V (M4A4 w/75 mm gun) used.
Sherman IC (Firefly)Medium Tank1941-1945 United States/ United KingdomM4 with a 17 pounder gun
Sherman VC (Firefly)Medium tank1944-1945 United States/ United KingdomM4A4 with a 17 pounder gun
GrizzlyMedium tank1941-1945 CanadaCanadian built and modified M4A1
Sherman V DDMedium Tank1944-1945 United StatesM4A4 {75 mm} with Duplex Drive system and flotation screen for amphibious landings
Sherman IbClose Support Tank  United StatesM4 with a 105 mm howitzer
Centaur IVClose Support Tank1944-1944 United KingdomIn service for less than a month with the 1st Canadian Centaur Battery (formed Aug 6, 1944 – disbanded Aug 29, 1944), RCA, after landing in Normandy. Tanks returned to the Royal Marines.
Ram BadgerFlame tank1941-1944 Canada 
Churchill OkeFlame tank  United Kingdom 
Sherman BadgerFlame tank  United States 

Training Tanks

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Carden Loyd Mk IV tanketteTankette1930-???? United KingdomUsed for training
Light Tank Mk VIALight tank  United Kingdom 
Six Ton Tank Model 1917Light tank  United StatesUS built version of the Renault FT.
Ram tank I and IICruiser tank  CanadaNever saw combat. Training only 
Vickers Valentine Mark VIInfantry tank  CanadaCanadian built version of the British Valentine IV. 30 used for training.
Matilda IIInfantry tank  United Kingdom 
Lee/GrantMedium tank  United States 

Self-Propelled Artillery and Anti-Aircraft

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
M3 75mm Gun Motor CarriageSelf-propelled artillery  United StatesM3 Half-track equipped with the M1A1 75 mm gun
SextonSelf-propelled artillery1943-1956 CanadaOpen box superstructure on a Ram tank hull. Armed with a 25pdr gun
M7 PriestSelf-propelled artillery1944-???? United States/ CanadaOpen box superstructure on a Sherman tank hull. Armed with a 105mm howitzer.
M14 SPAASelf-propelled anti-aircraft  United StatesTwin .50 mount on an M3 half-track
M10 “Wolverine”Tank destroyerWW2 United StatesModified Sherman hull with an open turret and 3in. gun
M10 17pdrTank destroyerWW2 United States/ United KingdomM10 equipped with a 17pdr gun
17pdr SP ArcherTank destroyer1944-Suez Crisis United KingdomBuilt on a Valentine tank hull
Crusader AA Mk.I and Mk.IIISelf-propelled anti-aircraft1944-???? United KingdomMk.I armed with a Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft gun, Mk.III armed with twin Oerlikon 20mm guns
Skink anti-aircraft tankSelf-propelled anti-aircraft1944 CanadaEnclosed turret on a Grizzly tank hull. Armed with 4 Polsten guns. Introduced late in the war and only saw use as an anti-infantry weapon.
Carrier, SP, 4×4 40mm, AA (Bofors) 30cwtSelf-propelled anti-aircraft1944-1945 United KingdomMorris Commercial four-wheel drive lorry armed with a Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft gun.

Engineering Vehicles

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Ram ARVArmoured Recovery Vehicle  Canada 
M4A4 Sherman V ARVArmoured Recovery Vehicle  United States 
Valentine BridgelayerAVLB  United Kingdom 
M416 trailers 1940s-1990s United States 
M101 trailers 1992-? United States 


Field artillery

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
QF 25 pounderhowitzer/field gun  United Kingdom 
BL 4.5 inch Medium Field Gunfield gunWWII United Kingdom 
BL 5.5 inch Medium Gunmedium field gunWWII United Kingdom 
Land Mattressmultiple rocket launcherWWII United Kingdom 

Anti-tank guns

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Ordnance QF 6 pounder   United Kingdom 
Ordnance QF 17 pounder   United Kingdom 

Anti-aircraft guns

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Bofors 40 mm gun   Sweden 
QF 3.75 inch AA   United Kingdom 
Polsten-Oerlikon gun   Poland 

Cold War to Modern (Cold War and peace keeping weapons until 2003)

Infantry Weapons

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
C1 SMGSubmachine gun1958-1988 United Kingdom
License produced Sterling SMG
FN C1 and FN C1A1Battle rifle1955-1987 Belgium
License produced by Canadian Arsenals Limited
FN C2 and C2A1 SAWSquad Automatic Weapon1955-1987 Belgium
C1 modified for SAW role
C3 and C3A1Sniper rifle1972-2003 United KingdomModified Parker Hale M82
Heller anti-tank rocketAnti-tank Rocket1954-1967 Canada 
Blowpipe surface-to-air missileMANPADS1980s-1991 United Kingdom 
Javelin surface-to-air missileMANPADS1991-2005 United Kingdom 
106mm recoilless rifleRecoilless rifle1950s-1988 United StatesRetired from the Regular Force in 1976

Utility Vehicles

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
M151A2 JeepLight utility vehicle1974-1984 United States935 purchased and retired in the 1980s[5]
M373/4 ton cargo truck1951-1976 United States/ Canada4500 built by Chrysler/Dodge in Windsor 1951-1955[6]
M38/M38A1 JeepLight utility vehicle1950-1980s United States/ CanadaBuilt 1950-1952 and replaced by M151[7] for regular forces by 1974 and retired in the Reserves in 1980s
M135 GMC Deuce and a Half2 1⁄2-ton 6×6 truck1950-1980s United States/ CanadaCargo truck and numerous variants replaced by MLVW
M54 (truck)5 ton heavy truck1950-1980s United States/ CanadaCargo truck and numerous variants replaced by HLVW
M43 Ambulanceutility vehicle1950s-? United States/ CanadaVariant of M37 built by Chrysler/Dodge in Windsor 1951-1955[8]
M152utility truck1964-? United States/ CanadaRadio Command unit – 1038 produced by Chrysler in Windsor[9]
M38A1CDN JeepLight utility vehicle1952-1984 United States/ CanadaBuilt by Ford of Canada
M38A1CDN2 JeepLight utility vehicle1967-1984 United States/ CanadaBuilt by Ford of Canada
M38A1CDN3 JeepLight utility vehicle1970-1984 United States/ CanadaBuilt by Ford of Canada
GM of Canada CUCVCommercial utility Cargo vehicle1976-2004 United States/ Canada2,848 1-1/4 ton replaced the M37 in 1976. More CUCV’s were later ordered in the 1980s from GM Defense. Replaced by LSVW in regular army units then they were mostly used by the Army Reserve until replaced by the Milverado in 2004.
Jeep CJLight utility vehicle1980’s United States/ Canada195 military CJ-7 versions put into service between the retirement of the M38A1 and the introduction of the Iltis
IltisLight utility vehicle1984-2003 West Germany/ CanadaLicensed produced version of the Volkswagen Iltis
G Wagon LUV(W)Light utility vehicle1996–present West Germanyfor more details see List of modern Canadian Army equipment 
LSVWLight Support Vehicle Wheeled1993–present Canadafor more details see List of modern Canadian Army equipment 
Medium Logistic Vehicle Wheeled (MLVW)Medium utility vehicle1982–2019 Canadafor more details see List of modern Canadian Army equipment 
Heavy Logistic Vehicle Wheeled (HLVW)Heavy utility vehicle1992–present CanadaLicensed version of Steyr 1491 Percheron by Bombardier -for more details see List of modern Canadian Army equipment 
BV 206All terrain utility vehicle1983–present Swedenfor more details see List of modern Canadian Army equipment 
Humvee M1113 and M1117Light Utility Vehicle~ 2010 United Statesused by Canadian Special Operations Regiment and Joint Task Force 2 and since replaced by Jackal MWMIK

Armoured Fighting Vehicles

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
M5A1 Stuart VILight tank1946-1956 United States90 purchased in 1946 and sold on to Portugal in 1956, three of which served with distinction in Angola from 1967 to 1972.
M24 ChaffeeLight tank1946-1958 United States32 were purchased in 1946 for armoured reconnaissance and retired in April 1958.
Sherman M4A2E8Medium tank1946-1970 United StatesKept in the reserves until 1970.
Sherman M4A3E8Medium tank1951-1954 United StatesAcquired from US stocks for use during the Korean War.
Centurion Mk.3Main Battle Tank1952-1979 United KingdomAcquired to replace the Shermans with 84mm main gun.
Centurion Mk.5Main Battle Tank with 105mm gun1952-1979 United KingdomCanada Initially ordered 274 Mk 3 Tanks, plus 9 Armoured Recovery Vehicles and 4 Bridge-layers and additional orders followed. The Mk 5 (upgunned to 105 mm) were used later. From 1969 to 1970 the Canadian Army lists 77 tanks based in Germany (mostly Mk 5 and Mk 11’s) and the remainder in Canada (60 at CFB Wainwright AB, 59 at CFSD Longpointe PQ, 46 at CFB Gagetown NB, 30 at CFB Borden, 29 at CFB Meaford ON, 27 at CFB Calgary AB, 12 at CFB Petawawa ON, 6 at RCEME School Kingston ON and 1 at the LETE Test Establishment Orleans, CFB Ottawa ON) for a total of 347 Tanks (including 120 Mk 5’s, 3 Mk 5 Recovery tanks and some Mk 11’s with IR and ranging guns fitted). Replaced by Leopard C1. Many of the tanks were sold to Israel which converted them to diesel. Some are still in use as variants.
Centurion Mk.11Main Battle Tank1952-1979 United Kingdomwith 105mm, IR and ranging gun
Leopard C1Main Battle Tank1978-2000 West Germany127 Acquired to replace the Centurions. 114 of these ‘Canadianized’ Leopard 1A3 were used in active service.
Leopard C2Main Battle Tank2000–present West GermanyLeopard C1 upgraded and refitted with Leopard 1A5 turret. 66 remain active.
Leopard 2A6M CANMain Battle Tank2007–Present Germany20 leopard 2s were loaned from Germany. Then Canada acquired 80 tanks from the Netherlands.
Lynx C&RCommand and Reconnaissance Vehicle1968-1993 United States 
M109A4+Self-propelled artillery1964-2005 United StatesReplaced with towed M777 guns in 2007.
AVGP CougarWheeled light armoured vehicle1976–present Canada6×6 vehicle based on the MOWAG Piranha with a Scorpion tank turret.
AVGP GrizzlyWheeled Armoured personnel carrier1976–present Canada6×6 vehicle based on the MOWAG Piranha with a Cadillac-Gage 1 metre turret, designed to carry a section of infantry.
AVGP HuskyWheeled Armoured recovery vehicle1976–present Canada6×6 vehicle based on the MOWAG Piranha.
Ferret Scout CarWheeled reconnaissance vehicle1954-1981 United Kingdom 
MambaWheeled Armoured personnel carrier???? – 2012[10] South AfricaAPC retired by 2012
M113Tracked Armoured personnel carriermid 1960s – present United StatesCurrent in service variants: M113A3 Personnel carrier with Remote Weapon System (RWS), M113A3 Personnel carrier with One Metre Turret, M113A3 Mobile Repair Team, M577A3 Command Post, MTVL Basic Personnel Carrier / Light Re-supply, MTVC Heavy Re-supply, MTVE Engineer Vehicle, MTVF Fitter (Repair) Vehicle, MTVR Recovery Vehicle, TUA (TOW Under Armour)
LynxTracked reconnaissance vehicle1968 – 1993 United States 
CoyoteWheeled reconnaissance vehicle1996–present Canada 
BisonWheeled Armoured personnel carrier1990–present CanadaConverted to supporting variants.
LAV IIIWheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle1999–present Canadacan also be used as an Armoured personnel carrier
RG-31 NyalaInfantry mobility vehicle2006–present South Africa111 units delivered for use in Afghanistan[11]


Approved private purchase and secondary side-arms

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Webley Mark VI Revolver   British Empire 
Enfield No 2 Revolver   British Empire 
Colt Police Positive – 1941–present   United States 
Colt Model 1911A1 – 1942-1945   United States 

Grenades, mines and other explosives

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Mills bomb   United Kingdom 
No 68 AT Grenade   United Kingdom 
No 69 Bakelite Percussion Grenade   United Kingdom 
No 73 Grenade   United Kingdom 
No. 74 Sticky bomb   United Kingdom 
No. 75 AT Hawkins Mine   United Kingdom 
No. 82 Gammon   United Kingdom 
Clam Magnetic Mine   United Kingdom 
GS.MV Anti-tank Mine    
GS.MkII Anti-tank Mine    
M61 grenade   United States 
M67 grenade   United States 
C19 claymore   United States/ Canada 
V40 Mini-Grenade   Netherlands 

Infantry mortars

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
2 inch mortar WWII United Kingdom
3 inch mortar WWII United Kingdom
4.2 inch mortar[citation needed] WWII  
60 mm M19 CAN light mortar WWII-present United States 
81 mm C3 medium mortar 1967–present United Kingdom 

Bayonets and Knives

ModelTypeService periodOriginDetails
Pattern 1888 BayonetBayonet   
Pattern 1907 BayonetBayonet   
Pattern 1913 BayonetBayonet   
Ross BayonetBayonet  Canada 
No. 4 Rifle BayonetsBayonet   
Mk I Spike BayonetBayonet   
Mk II Spike BayoneBayonet   
Mk III Spike BayonetBayonet   
No. 5 Mk II Knife BayonetBayonet   
No. 7 Knife BayonetBayonet   
No. 9 Socket Knife BayonetBayonet   
C1 BayonetBayonet  Canada 
Nella C7 BayonetBayonet1984-2004 Canada 
Bayonet 2000Bayonet2004-present Canada 
Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knifeCombat knife  United Kingdom 
Grohmann #3 CAF KnifeCombat knife1967–present Canada 
C-5 pocket knife/ utility knifeUtility knife1973-2004  
Gerber multi-tool knifeUtility knife2001–present United States 
V-42 stilettoCombat knife1942-1944 United StatesUsed by the 1st Special Service Force